The Best SEO Tools For Small Businesses

SEO is essential for the success of any business but small businesses are going to be at a big disadvantage. They simply won’t have the funds or the time to do everything when it comes to building high-quality SEO content.

Any small business owners out there probably already realise this and if you’re one of the few who is thinking “I’ve managed everything so far” trust me when I tell you it won’t last. You can only keep juggling those jobs for so long, and while you’re focusing your attention on SEO another part of your business is probably being neglected.

The small business owner has to wear many hats that’s part of what being a small business owner is all about after all. But SEO can be made easier, there’s a number of amazing SEO tools out there that can make the whole process faster and more efficient which will not only save you time but it will still ensure you create high-quality content.

However, with such a wealth of SEO tools available knowing which one is the best for your needs isn’t always easy. But don’t worry we can help you with that, let’s take a look at some of the best SEO tools available today.


SEMrush as made quite the name for itself and it’s easy to see why it can do a lot and it’s easy to use. Its quickly established itself as one of the go to tools for all SEO’s and has become well respected within the industry. With SEMrush you can easily identify keywords for both organic and video SEO campaigns and find alternatives that you might never have found otherwise.

SEMrush will also give you a lot of important data about any keywords you plan on using, for example, it will give you an idea of how many clicks a keyword gets on average. Another great benefit of SEMrush is that it has separate databases for a variety of countries including both the UK and the USA.

Traffic volume, competition data, and trending information is all easy to find on SEM Rush and it’s simple and easy to use user interface is one of its main selling points. If you want to stand out from the crowd then SEM Rush is the SEO tool for you.


Majestic is a valuable SEO tool that can be a big help to smaller businesses, backlinks are an important part of building successful, high-quality SEO and with Majestic, you can examine and analyse your competitor’s links to uncover more valuable data.

You can learn everything you need to know about building high-quality links with Majestic and it will be very helpful when building SEO. You can also easily collect real-time data with Majestic and its simplicity makes it perfect for smaller businesses.


SEO encompasses many different things, doesn’t it? The mistake many people make is they focus solely on SEO tools that sound like they have lots of complex features, while these tools can be helpful in the majority of cases the simpler and more streamlined the tool is the better and it’s important to remember that not all SEO tools focus on complex things.

Take Grammarly for example, now you might have seen the adverts for Grammarly and thought that’s no good to me, is it? But when you’re creating blogs or web content an extra pair of eyes can be a big help. Grammarly is more thorough than most normal spell checkers and can help you identify repetitive words and improve the overall quality of your writing.


SpyFu is a very useful SEO tool that works in a similar manner to SEM Rush, competition is a natural part of business and that is seen a lot when it comes to keywords. Finding new keywords and new ways to use them can really give your business an edge and SpyFu can help you uncover new keywords and judge future trends.

You could opt to use SpyFu in conjunction with another similar SEO tool like the previously mentioned SEM Rush or simply use SpyFu on its own for its impressive keyword capabilities. Finding new keywords and judging trends is one of the hardest parts of SEO but with SpyFu you can make it much easier.

Google Analytics

Analysing keywords is simple and easy with Google Analytics and it’s an SEO tool anyone can use, however, small businesses, in particular, will be sure to find it useful. You can track your video and social media sites with Google Analytics as well and it’s a free tool that has already been proven to help improve engagement so it will be very valuable when it comes to crafting high-quality SEO content.


Clicky works in a similar manner to Google Analytics and while it might not have Google’s brand name associated with it it’s still a very useful SEO tool. So, what does Clicky do you ask? Well, actually it can do a lot it can help you see where your site’s traffic is coming from, track any visitors and give you data on your links and even give you real-time data on who is using your site.

Clicky is also free of charge if you have less than 3000 visitors to your website per day, which makes it ideal for smaller businesses. The very user-friendly interface is another bonus which makes Clicky ideal for people who are looking for a simpler, easy to use SEO tool.

Google Trends

For my final choice, we return to Google who have created a very useful free to use SEO tool once again with Google Trends. It’s all there in the name with Google Trends so you can probably already guess what small businesses can utilise it for.

With Google Trends you can search different terms and keywords to see what the current trends for them are. It’s a useful tool for analysing potential keywords but can also help you in many other ways for example if you’re creating a new blog and want to ensure you get some hits with Google Trends you can quickly take a detailed look at the current trending topics.

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